Young children may fall out of the window if the window guard is not installed correctly.

Install window guard so that a rigid 4.0 inch diameter sphere does not pass through any space in the window opening after the device is in place.

Young children may fall out of the window if all the installation instructions are not followed:

Use recommended materials and techniques.

Make sure the window guard is securely attached to the window frame.

Make sure the window frame is in good condition.



Installation Instructions



WF Products warrants to the original purchaser that each window guard will be free from defects in materials and manufacture for as long as you
own it. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, including minor rusting that may occur inside of sliding bars. If installed outside the
home/window, where exposed to weather, rusting may occur which may impair the operation of the guard. WF Products is not responsible for
replacing the guard or the operation of the guard if installation instructions are not followed. Warranty valid for a replacement guard of equal or
lesser value of original guard only. Replacement can be obtained by contacting WF Products Return and shipping instructions will be provided.
Proof of purchase including packing slip, invoice, or receipt is required for all returns.
Limitation of Liability: Except where prohibited by law, WF Products will not be liable for any loss and/or damage arising from this product or
incurred during installation, removal or replacement.